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  Cyber City Honolulu Technical Support

We understand that things can go wrong, so we have created this page containing FAQ (below) and set up instructions (to the right).

Hit your browser's back button on the top of your screen to come back to this page when browsing the set up instructions.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to call us at 791-1506, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (including holidays).

Frequently Asked Questions

Web Browsing

Q: Why does it surf websites so slow?

A: You may be low on ram or hard drive space. Your modem may be slow, the site you are visiting may be busy or have a slow server.

Q: How come it seems like some pages just freeze?

A: It may be trying to load a multimedia function such as Java or Active X.

Q: Which is better? Netscape or Internet Explorer?

A: Both work equally well with our system. Experiment for yourself.

Q: What's all this mumbo jumbo about "404 not found" or "cannot find internet site"?

A: The site you are going to does not exist, you are not connected to cyber city, or you spelled it wrong. Best to use lower case letters.



Q: Sometimes I can't get email

A: Your settings for your mail program may be incorrect. You
could have a POP lock error, or you just might not have any mail.

Q: What is the POP lock?

A: POP lock occurs when you are receiving a large file
attachment via email and for some reason or another you decide to cancel the download. If this happens you can wait about an hour
and then try again. Your mail should unlock at that time.

Q: How come I dont have any mail?

A: Maybe your friends are to busy to send mail or may be
sending it to the wrong address.

Q: What is a Mailer-Daemon?

A: When you get a Mailer-Daemon that means that address you
sent your mail to does not exist or their email server may be down